Layout-IoE (Internet of Everything)


Layout-IoE (Internet of Everything) is an IEEE 802.11n WiFi based mesh network that brings high data speeds to your model railroad layout for fast automation that mirrors the prototype.

The mesh consists of wireless nodes, all of which have the ability to sleep or operate independent while at the same time, remain in sync with the other components of your layout.  Thus, expensive to install and maintain wiring used in existing Digital Command Control (DCC) can be eliminated as your control signals, either on the front or back end are now completely wireless.

Our nodes incorporate an integrated Li-PO battery management IC so wiring is reduced to recharge areas for the locomotives which can recharge like a Hybrid during use.

Control is provided via application.  Android, IoS, and PC based programs are in development and will be continuously updated and improved.  Programming of the nodes is wireless, and all you need is smart device and internet connection.  The node software is also Xpressnet compatible.

All of Loco-Nodes feature prototype based functions, all of which are mapped graphically for ease of integration.

We plan on bringing you the best in automation, the hardware is designed to be long lasting to preserve your investment.

The initial WiFi Node release, Loco-Node 0001S has completed development and is ready for purchase.

Business/Order Info:

  • Not all products are continuously in stock, as a manufacturer, availability is dependent on production schedules
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • The web-site charges orders when they are placed
  • Warranty on Layout-IoE products is one year, unconditional except for situations of misuse

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